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The US has introduced export restrictions against companies from Russia, China and the UAE

The United States has imposed export restrictions on three companies from Russia, six from China and two from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to a statement by the country's Ministry of Commerce.

The US has introduced export restrictions against companies from Russia, China and the UAE

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What is known

The US government believes that these organizations may have “acted contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.”

In particular, among Russian organizations, the Aerosila enterprise, which produces auxiliary power units, propellers and power converters for supersonic aircraft, was subject to restrictions; Delta Aero, whose activities include repair and maintenance of aircraft; “ODK-Star” is engaged in the development, production and maintenance of integrated fuel supply and control systems for gas turbine engines.

The US Department of Commerce suspects that, together with the Chinese Shenzhen Jiasibo Technology, they “as part of a network” could purchase aerospace components, including dual-use components for use in UAVs, for the Iranian Aircraft Industrial Company.

“These components are used to develop and manufacture the Shahed series of UAVs, which were used by Iran to attack oil tankers in the Middle East,” the statement says.

In September 2023, the US Department of Justice Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) included the companies Delta-Aero, Aerosila and JSC UEC-STAR on the SDN sanctions list.

Another company from China, Jiangxi Xintuo Enterprise, could support the Russian Armed Forces, the US Department of Commerce believes. Chinese LINKZOL (Beijing) Technology and Xi'an Like Innovative Information Technology are on the list because the agency suspects them of “purchasing US-origin products in support of China's military modernization efforts, including in support of military intelligence.” The US Department of Commerce cites the same reason when justifying the introduction of restrictions against Beijing Anwise Technology and SITONHOLY (Tianjin), which are controlled by China.

Companies from the UAE – Khalaj Trading LLC and Mahdi Khalaj Amirhosseini – could be involved in the export and attempts to export from the United States to Iran goods included in the commercial control list, the agency claims.

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In February, the United States imposed sanctions against 93 companies. Among them are 63 companies from Russia, eight from China, 16 from Turkey, four from the UAE, two from Kyrgyzstan, one each from India and South Korea. Then the National Payment Card System (NSCP), the operator of the Mir payment system, was included in the SND list. The United States also added Russian banks to its sanctions lists. Before this, US President Joe Biden announced the introduction of more than 500 new sanctions against Russia.


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