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Since February 2022, Ukraine has attracted more than $31 billion through World Bank mechanisms

Since February 2022, the state budget of Ukraine has received loan and grant funds amounting to about $31 billion within the framework of financial resources mobilized by the World Bank, including through trust fund mechanisms of many donors. This was stated by Finance Minister Sergei Marchenko during a meeting with the World Bank Regional Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, Europe and Central Asia Region Arup Banerjee.

Since February 2022, Ukraine has raised more than $31 billion through mechanisms of the World Bank

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“From the first days of the full-scale invasion, the World Bank developed a number of mechanisms that contributed to attracting the Bank’s own funds and funds from development partners for the priority needs of the state budget, including for the provision of social and humanitarian expenses, as well as for the restoration of critical infrastructure, ensuring the provision of critical educational and medical services, support for agricultural producers and continuation of reforms,” said Marchenko.

According to him, in 2022-2023, the volume of the portfolio of existing World Bank projects in Ukraine is the largest in all years of cooperation.

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“Since February 2022, the State Budget of Ukraine has received loan and grant funds amounting to approximately $31 billion in financial resources mobilized by the World Bank, in particular through Multi-Donor Trust Fund mechanisms. Currently, the current portfolio of joint projects amounts to 19 investment projects and 3 system projects, totaling more than $9 billion and 1 billion euros,” noted the Minister of Finance.


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