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Turkish e-commerce giant enters Ukraine

Turkish e-commerce leader Hepsiburada enters Ukraine. Despite the fact that there is a war in our country, the company’s leaders hope for a successful start to their business. Bloomberg writes about this.

Entering Ukraine Turkish e-commerce giant

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“For us, this is a strategic investment. In the future, Ukraine will normalize, and we want to be ready,” explained the decision of the company’s CEO Nilhan Onal.

Hepsiburada is one of the most popular sites in Turkey, where you can buy a variety of goods, from electronics to clothing.< /p>

In 2021, Hepsiburada was the first Turkish company to enter the American stock market. Since then, the shares have fallen from a peak of $15.23 to 59 cents and are now trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol HEPS for $1.68.

The Turkish e-commerce giant is entering Ukraine

Price dynamics since entering the market/Source: Google

The fall was provoked by a lawsuit against the company's management, but the case was closed by a settlement agreement.

Shares rose after the CEO took over Nilhan Onal. A year later, the securities rose by 86%. Hepsiburada's current value is $548 million. By the time of the IPO, the valuation was $4 billion.


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