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Ukraine expects $38 billion in international aid this year – Pyshny

Ukraine has fulfilled all its obligations under the IMF program and expects that our international partners adhere to the assurances given to us of financial support for this year for a total amount of $38 billion. The head of the National Bank Andrey Pyshny wrote about this.

Ukraine expects $38 billion in international aid this year — Lush

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International help

During the full-scale invasion, Ukraine received very powerful, large-scale, consolidated financial support. 2022 brought us $32 billion in financial assistance, 2023 brought us $43 billion in international financial assistance. This war resulted in the loss of a third of the economy, with destruction today amounting to hundreds of billions. This has provoked a colossal need for budget financing, which cannot be covered by the wounded Ukrainian economy. An international consolidated financial response is what we are counting on,” Pyshny emphasized.

He recalled that for two years Ukraine received an uninterrupted flow of funds. The full amount of what was promised and the rhythm of revenues is the key to maintaining the economy. Our country has assurances of support, which are combined into a program with the International Monetary Fund. Using this program, we have already completed three successful screenings and the fourth will be held soon. The successful completion of these revisions and the implementation of the “structural beacons” from the IMF allows us to hope for the continuation of international financial support, Pyshny emphasized.

“The base scenario of the National Bank determines what this year will bring us financing for exactly the amount we are counting on – about $38 billion,” noted the head of the National Bank.


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