• 22/04/2024 19:56

Ukraine has begun negotiations on partner support for the return of refugees

The Ukrainian government has begun negotiations with partners on the issue of helping refugees return to Ukraine. This was announced by Deputy Minister of Economy and Trade Representative of the country Taras Kachka at a panel discussion at the Ukrainian House in Davos, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Ukraine has begun negotiations on partners' support for the return of refugees

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“I think that it’s actually good that our partners help Ukrainians integrate into the society where they live. But at the same time, they are not manipulating that they do not want them to return to Ukraine. And we see a desire to have a certain common policy in this industry,” Kachka said.

According to him, the Ukrainian government and the German government could provide assistance in the return of refugees to Ukraine from Germany.

In particular, the Ukrainian side can provide support for infrastructure, apartments and jobs, and the German side can redirect part of the social assistance Ukrainian refugees for help in returning to Ukraine.

“Negotiations with partners on this topic have just begun, it will not be this year or next, but it will be later,” Kachka noted.

At the same time, he admitted that this would be a matter of competition, since, unlike the times of Poland’s accession to the EU, EU member countries are today interested in attracting a workforce such as Ukrainians who do not create migration problems.

“Of course, here we are again addressing the issues of attractive economic policies and attracting investments,” added the trade representative of Ukraine.

He expressed hope that Ukraine will be able to develop such a common policy with EU countries on facilitating the return of Ukrainians home.


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