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Ukraine's national debt has grown to almost 6 trillion hryvnia

In March 2024, the amount of public and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine increased by UAH 434.31 billion, or $7.36 billion, to UAH 5.924 trillion. This is evidenced by data from the Ministry of Finance.

State debt Ukraine grew to almost 6 trillion hryvnia

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How the public debt has changed

As of March 31, the state and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine amounted to UAH 5.92 trillion or $151.05 billion. In particular, the state and state-guaranteed external debt was 4.24 trillion UAH

So, Ukraine's public debt amounted to UAH 5.61 trillion (94.74%), or $143.1 billion. USA. State external debt amounted to UAH 3.99 trillion (67.43%), or $101.85 billion. State internal debt amounted to UAH 1.61 trillion (27.31%), or $41.25 billion.

Ukraine's state-guaranteed debt amounted to UAH 311.7 billion (5.26%) or $7.95 billion.

Reason for growth

The sharp increase in public debt occurred as a result of $9 billion in new borrowings in March from foreign partners.

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