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Ukrainians in six regions will be paid more than 10 thousand hryvnia: how to get

The Estonian Council for Refugees in Ukraine has opened online registration for multi-purpose cash assistance, within which some citizens will be paid 3.6 thousand hryvnia for three months. This is stated on the page of the organization of the social network Faceebook.

Ukrainians in six regions will be paid more than 10 thousand hryvnia: how to receive

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Who will receive financial support

It is known that Ukrainians with low incomes living in the following regions can register to receive financial assistance:

    in Zaporozhye; in Donetsk; in Lugansk; in Kharkovskaya; in Kherson; in Nikolaevskaya.

The payments apply to the most vulnerable categories of the population, thanks to which they will be able to cover their basic needs. The Estonian Refugee Council will pay 3.6 thousand hryvnia per household member for three months.

Vulnerability criteria for participation in the program:

    single mother or father with children; families where the woman is the sole breadwinner; households with pregnant women; families with 3 or more children under 18 years of age; with children under 2 years old; with persons with group 1 or 2 disabilities; with persons who have serious illnesses and require expensive treatment; households consisting of older people (60+); in which housing has been completely or partially destroyed; households whose members were injured or died as a result of active hostilities.

How to register

Families who have suffered military-related emergencies, have been displaced, evacuated, or have suffered shelling/missile attacks in the past month can do so. Also, households located in temporarily occupied territories can apply for assistance.

It is also noted that payments will be provided after an individual assessment of households. You can register to participate in the program using this link.

What you know about the council

It is a non-governmental humanitarian organization certified by the EU. It was founded in 2000, and now it financially helps migrants from five countries – Georgia, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon and Ukraine.

The fact that the organization supports Ukrainians back in October 2023 was reported on the website of the Ministry of issues of reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.


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