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Which alcohol is least harmful to the liver: doctors named the most harmless alcohol

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This information is reported by Radiotrek, reported by URA-Inform.  

Doctors said that you can drink alcohol so as not to harm your liver. They noted that the least harm to the liver comes from unfortified varieties of red and white wine, as well as from strong alcohol without sugar.

“In fact, this is dry wine or vodka , whiskey or cognac, but those recipes that do not use sugar. But any alcohol, if drunk regularly and in large quantities, leads to liver destruction,” — they emphasized.

Doctors also warn that cocktails contain the most alcohol, sugar and chemical dyes. In addition, liqueurs are extremely dangerous, and because they are full of sugar, you can quickly lose control.

Champagne is also a rather insidious drink. Bubbles lead to rapid intoxication and provoke the process of putrefaction in the intestines.

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