• 23/07/2024 22:53

Zelensky named the condition for a just end to the war in Ukraine

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This information is reported by Zn, reported by URA-Inform.  

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky commented in a video message that on December 22, Ukraine managed to shoot down three Russian Su-34 fighters at the same time.

He believes that an important aspect for ending the war with the Russian Federation is the ability to shoot down brand new Russian Su-34 fighters. This key point, according to Zelensky, can lead to a more just solution to the conflict.

“This week we have again proven how effective strengthening our air shield. And not only for protecting cities and villages from Russian drones and missiles, but also for front-line work. The ability to shoot down Russian fighters is one of the keys to ending this war, to a just end,” he said.

The President stressed that in the run-up to Christmas, Ukraine has become even more stronger, and support from global partners plays an important role in strengthening the country's defense.

He added that he expects approval of a new American support package for 2024 and expressed gratitude to representatives of both US parties for understanding the need to make decisions in the interests of Ukraine.

 We recall that it was previously reported that The time for negotiations has come: the Italian Defense Minister called for a political solution to the war in Ukraine.

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