• 26/02/2024 06:59

Whose salaries will be blocked for failure to appear at the TCC: the economist warned who is in danger

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This information was reported by TSN, reports URA-Inform.

< p>According to him, territorial recruitment centers will receive the authority to impose fines without drawing up an administrative protocol. If the fine is not paid, the person will be included in the register of debtors.

In this case, according to the expert, the executive service will begin to operate, which will be able to block accounts and limit the disposal of the person’s property. Consequently, an attempt is being made to introduce such a mechanism.

Pendzin expressed the opinion that stakeholders, including politicians, are afraid of ending their political careers. He expressed outrage at the proposed regulations and fines, suggesting that they may be temporary and subject to change.

Ultimately, the economist foresees the possible disappearance of this regulation, and also doubts the sustainability of the threats made to introduce significant fines .

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