• 03/03/2024 11:11

The real problem of mobilization has been named: the OP insider revealed what Ukrainians think about the army

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This information was reported by the Resident telegram channel, reports URA-Inform.

“According to an insider in the OP, the main problem preventing successful mobilization is the low degree of motivation among Ukrainians. Many of them are ready to renounce their citizenship or even face real sentences rather than go to the front,” — stated at the beginning of the messenger.

According to him, the unsuccessful counter-offensive became a catalyst for disappointment in society, and significant losses only confirmed the ineffectiveness of the command staff.

“A public opinion has formed that participation in hostilities at the front most often leads to tragic consequences, where at best you will return disabled, and at worst you will die,” — he concluded.

As previously reported, the land market for legal entities has opened in Ukraine: experts said how much land use can now be purchased.

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