• 22/04/2024 18:45

Ukraine does not have a “Plan B”: Kuleba on Western military assistance

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Kuleba reported this information in an interview with CNN, URA-Inform reports.  

According to Dmitry Kuleba, Ukraine does not have a «plan B» in case the West does not provide weapons. At the same time, he stated that our country believes in the implementation of Plan A, which includes military support from Western countries.

«We don't have a «plan B». We are confident in «Plan A». Ukraine will always struggle with the resources it has. And as the NATO Secretary General rightly said, what is given to Ukraine is not charity. This is an investment in protecting the Alliance, as well as in protecting the prosperity of the American people,” he said.

At the same time, Kuleba outlined the future scenario if “theoretically the Russian Federation wins in Ukraine.” He emphasized that in this case, the leaders of other countries may want to repeat the path of the aggressor country. And this will already require from the United States a “significantly, significantly higher price.”

«Those who in their foreign policy calculations believes that Putin will not dare to attack a NATO country if he sees that he can succeed in Ukraine, they are making a huge mistake and should change jobs,” Kuleba emphasized.

In summary , the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry added, “whatever the price is today, the price of everything that will happen if Ukraine does not receive help today will be much, much higher.” According to him, this is why Ukraine believes in «Plan A», is working on it and «we will implement it».

Recall that it was previously reported how Ukraine is going to take revenge RF for shelling: Danilov warned what the plan was.

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