• 22/07/2024 06:45

Search for alien life: scientists have presented a radically new method

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This information was reported by T4, reports URA-Inform.  

Scientists have noted that distant planets with low levels of carbon dioxide may hide what humanity is so desperately looking for. The hypothesis suggests that such depletion may indicate the presence of oceans and plant life absorbing the compound.

Earth's oceans have played a key role in absorbing carbon dioxide for millions of years, resulting in a marked depletion of the atmosphere compared to its neighbors planets such as Venus.

The researchers' new method involves identifying groups of terrestrial planets with close orbits reminiscent of the solar system and confirming the presence of an atmosphere by detecting carbon dioxide.

Analyzing carbon levels helps understand the composition of the planets. While the presence of liquid water does not guarantee the existence of life, researchers suggest that ozone is an additional indicator of habitation and potential extraterrestrial life.

This molecule, formed by the interaction of life with carbon dioxide, may be an important marker of life beyond the solar system. systems.

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