• 25/02/2024 17:03

Biden presented an ultimatum to Texas and threatened military action: a condition was announced

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This information was reported by Laura Loomer, reports URA-Inform.  

The White House issued an ultimatum to the Texas authorities, who ignored the demands of the federal authorities. In particular, they ordered the local National Guard to take control of the border with Mexico and erect barbed wire fortifications there to curb the flow of migrants.

The Biden administration has begun threatening military action against the Texas National Guard if they do not remove the National Guard from the border.

Journalist Laura Loomer reported that Texas National Guard units were expected to withdraw from the border by 13 :00, otherwise the federal authorities may use military force against them.

«There are reports that the Biden administration is now threatening military action against the Texas National Guard unless Texas authorities  remove the National Guard from the border by 13:00», — the message says. 

We recall that it was previously reported that the West considers the situation in Ukraine to be a dead end: it has become known who decided to make a confession.

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