• 21/07/2024 01:21

Energoatom warned about a new serious problem at Zaporizhia NPP: what could pose a threat

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Petr Kotin reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Acting Chairman of the Board of JSC «NAEK «Energoatom» Petr Kotin reported that the six-year period allowed by the manufacturer for nuclear fuel to remain in all 6 reactors of the temporarily occupied Zaporozhye NPP will soon expire.

He noted that the further operation of such fuel violates the terms of the technical specifications established taking into account safety standards , and can lead to destruction of the integrity of the fuel elements and, as a consequence, to a radiation accident.

«Attempts by the invaders to one by one transfer the power units of Zaporizhzhya NPP from the « #171;cold stop» in «hot» further undermine the situation, not to mention the open violation of the terms of licenses from the State Nuclear Regulatory Authority for the operation of these nuclear installations, that is, at the same time, the requirements of Ukrainian and international legislation», — emphasized Petr Kotin.

We recall that it was previously reported that the tunnel between the Demeevskaya and Lybidska metro stations in Kyiv was deformed: the Kyiv City State Administration named the reason.

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