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6th mass extinction on Earth announced: scientists say what human activity has led to

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This information was reported by CNN, reports URA-Inform.

What happened before?

In the context of a great time in Earth's history, mass extinction events act as tipping points that change the course of life on the planet forever. There are five significant disasters, each of which led to the death of the vast majority of species. The most famous of these is the asteroid impact 66 million years ago, which promised the end of the age of dinosaurs and the beginning of the age of mammals. However, today scientists warn against a new, sixth mass extinction caused precisely by human activity.

What is happening now?

Human activity has significantly changed the face of our planet, leading to the destruction of its natural environment and climate change, putting many species at risk of extinction. The latest study highlights the severity of the problem, showing an alarming acceleration in extinction rates. A paper published in the journal PNAS shows that related animal species are disappearing 35 times faster than previously thought.

Current changes caused by human activities are heading us towards massive loss of biodiversity. The current process of extinction affects not only individual species, but also entire ecosystems, changing the complex relationships of life on Earth, in which humanity is also involved. The study authors stress the urgent need for concerted action to reverse trends, warning against the dire consequences of inaction.


The planet as a whole has experienced five mass extinctions, but the approaching sixth, exclusively related to human impact, poses unique challenges. The study calls for urgent and concerted efforts to mitigate the negative consequences of human impacts on the environment, climate change and other factors.

Only by recognizing the lessons of the past and acting energetically in the present can humanity hope to save the planet from irreversible losses and ensuring a sustainable future for all living beings.

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