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Putin is approaching the end – the ex-head of the CIA said what is already brewing in Russia

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This information was reported by The Sun, reports URA-Inform.

Devine expressed confidence that he would not be surprised if Putin «disappears tomorrow». According to him, the position of the Russian leader, bogged down in a long and unsuccessful war, is under threat.

Fear of a possible coup has gripped the Kremlin since Putin ordered his troops to invade Ukraine in February 2022, Devine said. Moreover, he added that the long and difficult war highlighted the fragility of his power, which is on the edge of a cliff.

«There is always the possibility of a so-called «black swan»… I won't be surprised if Putin disappears tomorrow. And I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from the top leadership of Russia decides to take such actions… I don't think it will be an uprising. Most likely, something like a «palace coup», — emphasized the former director of the CIA.

In his opinion, it was the war against Ukraine that became the harbinger of the end of the Putin era. Large losses at the front in the absence of obvious military successes have hit the Russian leader’s rating, and the war is becoming less and less popular among the Russian population. However, Putin apparently has no intention of stopping hostilities, continuing to sacrifice his subjects.

«Experts unanimously believe that Putin is approaching the end of his reign… Putin's tyrannical rule, war and his growing list of enemies are just a few of the reasons why the coming year could be his last», — The Sun analysts emphasize.

Recall that the Russian Federation began to transfer special detachments to Ukraine: ISW found out who is in them.

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