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A bad sign: Londoners were frightened by the “horses of the Apocalypse” and the stopped Big Ben

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Two horses, one of which was bloody, raced through the center of London, which seriously frightened eyewitnesses.

This information was reported by ABC News, reports URA-Inform.  

According to the British army, these steeds were among the 150 horses of the Household Cavalry, the ceremonial guard of the British monarch, who undergo training every morning in the city.

Seven horses were spooked by the noise of construction work at Buckingham Palace and four of them fled, police said. They ran away after construction materials fell next to them. Three animals threw off the cavalrymen. The soldiers were examined by doctors and returned to duty after a full recovery.

It is unclear how long the incident lasted, but it is believed that the horses ran about 6 miles before they were detained by authorities in east London. After the detention, the animals were sent for treatment.

“Two wounded horses were operated on last night, and one was transferred to an equine hospital. All remaining horses are closely monitored. We want to thank everyone who showed such kindness and care towards our soldiers and horses. We will provide further information shortly,” the British Army wrote in a statement on X.

Later it turned out that people reacted very anxiously to a seemingly ordinary event, seeing bad omens in what happened. Not only did the black and white bloody horse race without its rider, but the clock on the Elizabeth Tower, better known as Big Ben, stopped at 9:00. True, thanks to the work of engineers, already at 10:15 in the morning it showed the correct time, and the ringing rang as it should.

“Big Ben has stopped, and bloody horses are running through the streets of London. Maybe someone should check out the hooks in the Tower, because this is very similar to the season finale,” “Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is some kind of harbinger of the Apocalypse, this nation has become so dystopian,” “This is 100% true , that the One-Eyed Witch warned of a sign of some kind of disaster that was about to happen,” — write on social networks.

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