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Israel issued a tough ultimatum to Hamas: what terrorists were warned about

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Israel has threatened the terrorist organization Hamas that now is the last moment to conclude a deal to release the hostages.

This information was reported by the Jerusalem Post, URA-Inform reports.  

In particular, the head of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel Katz, warned that Jerusalem is ready to give a «last chance» for negotiations before the start of a military intervention if Hamas does not agree to a deal to release some of the remaining 133 hostages.

The warning comes on the heels of Israel's response to the ceasefire proposal, which was conveyed to Hamas through intermediaries from Egypt and Qatar. According to reports, Hamas has received an official response from Israel and is now studying it before submitting its response.

The group insists on a permanent cessation of hostilities and continues efforts to achieve this goal through negotiations. The proposal includes the possibility of releasing 20 to 40 hostages in exchange for a pause in the war, but Hamas insists on a permanent end to the conflict.

Israeli officials also discussed with their Egyptian counterparts the possibility of offering a «last chance» for negotiations with Hamas regarding hostages before the possible start of a military operation in Rafah. IDF forces have already completed preparations for an attack on this populated area and are awaiting orders for action.

We recall that it was previously reported that an expert named the US plan in the war in Ukraine: and this is not a crushing defeat for the Russian Federation.

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