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A “Dead Hand” may be created in the USA: what is known

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In the USA they are thinking about creating their own «Dead Hand» in case of a nuclear war against the Russian Federation or China.

This information was reported by Defense Express, reports URA-Inform.  

Usually the conventional concept «Dead Hand» they call systems for the use of nuclear weapons, provided that the enemy strikes first, and there is no one physically to make a decision to strike in response.

Over the past few years, Russia and China have systematically invested in upgrading their nuclear missile arsenals and in communications and control systems. The United States also essentially did not carry out the work, so it lags significantly behind its main opponents.

If we talk directly about the capabilities of the United States of America, the picture there looks like this. With the current decision-making algorithms, if suddenly the Russian Federation or China launches a nuclear missile strike, the US President (regardless of his last name) will only have up to 10 minutes to understand the situation and give a command, and this may not be extremely enough in a dynamic situation.

In addition, the stability of the AN/USQ-225 control and communications system, currently used by the United States to manage its nuclear arsenal, may also raise doubts. Against this background, the authors of War on the Rocks raised the question that America needs its own “Dead Hand”, which would work on the basis of artificial intelligence algorithms.

At the same time, they separately emphasize that they do not propose to give AI the right to make decisions on a retaliatory nuclear strike, they only propose to introduce those algorithms that could speed up the decision-making chain in critical situations.

For example, try to calculate in advance all possible scenarios for a nuclear strike, give the US President only needs to authorize the launch of this or that scenario, and this conditional “Dead Hand” must take on all the work of transferring commands to the field.

Recall that it was previously reported that the West made a new promise to help Ukraine: it became known who decided to speak out.

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