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A Kiev woman set a Ukrainian record for hair length: how many centimeters is her braid (photo)

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The head of the National Register of Records of Ukraine, Lana Vetrova, reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

Seven-year-old Kiev resident Daria Komarchuk became the owner of the longest hair in Ukraine in her age category. Daria, who is in second grade, has never cut her own hair in her life.

The girl is proud of them and says that she never plans to cut them in her life.

It is noted that the record was registered in the category «Longest children's hair at the age of seven&# 187;. The measurement showed that the length of the girl's hair reached 103.5 centimeters.

«According to the rules, each subsequent record in this category must exceed the previous minimum by 10 percent», — explained Lana Vetrova.

It is worth noting that last year such a record was set by five-year-old Maria Porozhnyuk, whose hair length reached 91.5 centimeters.

Recall that it was previously reported that the TCC is changing the system for sending subpoenas: the Ministry of Defense was given details.

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