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How to cure a cold in one day: an expert shared an effective method

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This information was reported by Dailynews, URA-Inform reports.  

It only takes one moment to catch a cold, but the treatment process will take much longer. Doctors spoke about a way in which you can get rid of a cold in just one day.

Professor at the Cold Research Center at Cardiff University Ron Eccles noted that immediately after waking up in the morning you need to take a hot shower and then have breakfast with porridge with berries . Then the patient needs to hold his head over the steam of hot water for about five minutes to warm up the mucous membrane.

At lunchtime, you should definitely go for a walk to saturate the body with fresh air. After a walk, even if you have no appetite, you need to eat something meaty to replenish your protein levels. You need to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Some tea, such as chamomile, is ideal.

For dinner, you should eat food with chili or curry. These spices actively kill bacteria. Last step before bed — This is taking a hot bath. It is noteworthy that you need to sleep at least eight hours. Each of these points helps the cold to go away in a short period of time.

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