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A laziness championship was held in Montenegro: how long did the winner last

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The 12th laziness championship ended in the Montenegrin city of Brezna.

About this information was reported by Telegraf, URA-Inform reports.  

It is reported that 21 people took part in it in the first days. After three weeks, only seven continued to be lazy, and on the last day — three.

As a result of the championship, the finalists were 36-year-old Gordana Pilipovic, as well as 23-year-old Filip Knezevic and Lidiya Markovic — all three are from Montenegro. They were able to lie there for 50 days (1200 hours).

It is noted that Gordana was the first of them to surrender. Philip and Lydia stood up at the same time, after which the guy gave his friend the right to be called the winner in the media. She received a cash prize of 1,000 euros.

This year's competition for lazy people began on August 18 under a tree that is more than 107 years old. Then they moved indoors. According to the championship rules, participants are prohibited from sitting and standing, but once every eight hours they can go to the toilet for 10 minutes. Food and drinks for «sloths» provided by the organizers.

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