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A secret meeting at the end of the war in Ukraine took place: Bloomberg said how it all ended

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This information was reported by Bloomberg, URA-Inform reports.

The above-mentioned meeting was organized in response to the Kremlin’s attempts to present Kyiv with partners who do not want to participate in a dialogue on a cessation of hostilities. Based on sources close to the negotiations, the narrow format of the meeting contributed to a more open discussion of the Ukrainian peace formula and the tactics of allied interaction with Russia in the future.

Despite the December talks, little progress was made as representatives of the Global South insisted on direct dialogues between Kiev and its allies in Moscow, which caused some disagreements.

Security advisers from India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, while representatives from China and Brazil were not present at the event. Beijing is seen as a key factor in influencing Moscow, and Brazil holds the G20 presidency. this year. In other words, the parties did not come to any clear conclusions.

All participants in the meeting in Riyadh expressed recognition of Ukraine’s right to self-defense, emphasized the importance of respecting the generally recognized borders of states and compliance with international law and the UN Charter.

The next meeting dedicated to the Ukrainian peace formula is scheduled for next week in Switzerland before the World Economic Forum in Davos, and representatives of more than 100 countries are invited.

Recall that Ukrainian intelligence received secret Russian data on the war : it became known what it was about.

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