• 15/04/2024 08:34

Orban put forward a new condition for unlocking 50 billion euros in aid to Ukraine

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This information was reported by Politico, URA-Inform reports.  

Budapest can lift its veto on the condition that funding is reviewed annually. As the publication notes, this would give Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban the opportunity to block funding for Ukraine every year, or receive concessions from Brussels for refusing a veto.

As the publication writes, Budapest formulated this idea during a meeting of 27 EU budget experts and sent a corresponding document to the Council of the EU, where Belgium currently holds the presidency.

According to a diplomat familiar with the negotiations, according to the Hungarian proposal — The EU will annually provide Ukraine with 12.5 billion euros in the form of grants and loans, which over 4 years will amount to the 50 billion euros proposed by the European Commission.

However, some EU diplomats are skeptical about this proposal, despite the change in Hungarian rhetoric, which previously spoke out categorically against the allocation of funds to Ukraine in any form.

«Seven-year EU budget — This is a multi-year structure, we cannot coordinate this from year to year», — said one of the diplomats.

Recall that it was previously reported that Estonia will provide military support to Ukraine: how much money is planned.

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