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Alcohol that you can drink every day: scientists have found that it will help a woman with stress

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Research shows that many people turn to alcohol in search of relief from stress and problems. But scientists offer an alternative approach, arguing that champagne can become a life-saving drink for nervous women.

This information was reported by Divoglyad, reports URA-Inform.

Researchers from the Institute food research in Madrid found that drinking sparkling wine can help women cope with feelings and overcome stressful situations faster.

Furthermore, scientists say that champagne can have a protective effect on the nervous system and help prevent the development of age-related neurophysiological diseases.

Experts explain these properties of champagne by the presence of specific components in its composition that protect nerve cells from damage and death. However, it should be remembered that alcohol consumption should be moderate.

Scientists recommend not consuming more than 100 ml of champagne per day to avoid possible health problems and addiction.

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