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An island strewn with precious stones has been discovered: where is it located (photo)

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Zabargad, an island in the Red Sea, looks like something out of a pirate fairy tale.

About this information was reported by IFLScience, URA-Inform reports.  

Zabargad Island is known for its geological features, particularly its peridotite rocks containing peridot, a bright green gemstone.

Located 50 kilometers off the southern coast of Egypt in Fall Bay, it is the largest island in the area , covering an area of ​​4.5 square kilometers.

This small island is called the “deserted island” due to its arid nature and lack of fresh water, although seabirds are found here. Peridot, used in ancient Egyptian and other ancient jewelry, was mined here as far back as 3,500 years ago.

The ancient Greeks originally named the site “Topazios”, mistakenly believing that peridot was topaz. They were actually rocks of peridotite, a volcanic rock formed from olivine and pyroxene in the Earth's upper mantle. A deep geological rupture millions of years ago brought these rocks to the surface, forming Zabargad.

Located above the Red Sea Rift, the island is still geologically active. From a historical point of view, Zabargad played an important role in the mining of peridot, but after the nationalization of Egyptian mines in 1958, its importance diminished.

Currently, the main production of peridot is concentrated in Norway, while Egypt is no longer a leader in this area.

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