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Another country is helping Ukraine bomb the Russian Armed Forces in Crimea: the source said who is stabbing the Kremlin in the back

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Donpress reported this information, citing sources from the Kremlin Tabakerka, reports URA- Inform.”

Turkey, according to an insider, allegedly provides support to Ukraine in the form of bombing the annexed Crimea. According to the source, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan allegedly put forward a demand to transfer Crimea to Turkish control, threatening to continue attacks on the peninsula and claiming that “there will be no living place left.”

According to these statements, Turkey has also offered assistance in attacks on Crimea using Ukrainian missiles and drones.

The strike, which resulted in the loss of the large landing ship Novocherkassk, is seen as confirmation of the beginning of the implementation of threats from Turkey.

A representative of the Russian General Staff expressed a forecast regarding further events on the peninsula, recognizing that the enemy will continue to strike. He emphasized that the enemy has mastered methods of overcoming the air defense system, which is likely due to the presence of a significant number of missiles, as well as support from NATO.

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