• 12/04/2024 14:46

Conscripts are no longer needed – Zaluzhny admitted what is happening inside the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, reports URA-Inform.

The General expressed that during the summer the General Staff could not make a decision on their release. According to him, there were appropriate reasons for this.

«However, at the end of November, in accordance with our proposal, we turned to the Ministry of Defense with request to exempt conscripts from military service. At this point, their presence has become unnecessary. Conscripts are no longer needed. Our persistent approach is to release them, providing them with the opportunity for a well-deserved rest», — Zaluzhny emphasized.

He also emphasized that the next steps must be taken in accordance with the current legislation.

Zaluzhny spoke about the need to maintain a clear position on the release of conscripts, providing them with the opportunity to have a good rest in accordance with established norms and rules.

Recall that Zaluzhny commented on Umerov’s idea to punish men who fled abroad.

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