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Another EU country may cut payments to Ukrainians

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It is reported that further cuts to payments to Ukrainians could be discussed over the next few weeks.

About Irishtimes reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

In particular, the Irish government is discussing the issue of reducing payments to Ukrainian refugees. Currently, Ireland only provides free housing for newly arrived refugees for a period of 90 days.

It is reported that this issue could create tension in the government, since the «Green Party» against any plan to further reduce support for Ukrainian refugees, as many migrants leave Ireland and return home to Ukraine.

It is noted that further cuts in financial assistance to Ukrainians could be discussed over the next few weeks.

«From March 14, 2024, in addition to free housing for up to 90 days, newly arrived migrants from Ukraine receive reduced weekly assistance in the amount of 38.80 euros per adult and 29.80 euros per child», — writes the publication.

It is worth noting that for all other Ukrainian refugees who arrived in the country earlier than March 14 of this year, weekly payments of 220 euros per adult apply, and they also have the right to live in public housing for an unlimited period time. However, according to the publication, Irish officials have repeatedly stated that it is possible to reduce assistance for all refugees from Ukraine.

The issue regarding Ukrainian refugees escalated after a tent city was dismantled in Dublin on Wednesday, May 1 , where Ukrainian immigrants lived. The Irish government later said the asylum seekers, who had been living in tents, had been moved to other locations south of Dublin. There they were provided with weatherproof tents, showers and food.

We recall that it was previously reported that queues at the TCC will suddenly disappear: it became known about an important announcement by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

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