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Unexpected confession: Alina Grosu revealed her real name Klavdia Petrivna

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Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu, while communicating with a fan, revealed the real name of Klavdia Petrivna.

This information was reported by Tsn, URA-Inform reports.  

Under one of her videos on TikTok, where she discusses her second marriage and cases of infidelity, fans asked if she was hiding under the name of Klavdia Petrovna.

Grossu resolutely rejected such assumptions and answered clearly. The Ukrainian pop star decisively stated that the anonymous and mysterious performer whom users are trying to recognize is Solomiya Opryshko.

«Solomiya. But I didn't tell you anything. In fact, many already know. She’s a beautiful girl, but I’m sorry that now others are taking away a lot of her well-deserved fame…,” Alina Grosu answered the fans.

Music blogger Maxim Nagornyak shares the same opinion. According to him, he communicated with her even before her insane popularity and even thought about signing a music contract.

«The girl everyone is talking about is Solomiya Oprishko. And I give you my word, because when I worked at the label, I wanted to sign a contract last summer. And yes, Solomiya Oprishko is Klavdiya Petrovna. I myself communicated with her on social networks. And she, having not yet signed a contract with her label, had already «burned» in front of many,” he argued.

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