• 18/06/2024 16:58

The Russian military entered the US airbase: Reuters found out whether the event was accompanied by fighting

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Russian military personnel were quite unexpectedly able to enter the US air base. This information turned out to be reliable, and journalists managed to find out the main circumstances.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Reuters.

It is noted that the United States and its allies withdrew troops from the mentioned air base in Niger and a number of other military installations in African countries. This is due to the fact that forces have come to power in these regions that are trying to distance themselves from Western influence.

“Officers who took control of the West African country called on the United States to withdraw approximately 1,000 troops from Niger. The states complied with this request, after which the Russian military was able to enter the air base in Niger,” — notes the source.

It is known that the Russian military is now using 101 airbase hangars, they do not intersect with representatives of the US Army, no military skirmishes are taking place.

Recall that the Russian Federation may be preparing an attack on two regions of Ukraine: the GUR announced the date.

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