• 23/04/2024 23:07

Are draft dodgers who received a suspended sentence subject to mobilization: the National Police gave a clear answer

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This information was reported by Censor, reports URA-Inform.  

Deputy Head of the National Police Maxim Tsutskiridze answered whether conditionally convicted draft dodgers are subject to mobilization. He noted that the possibility of re-mobilization depends on how the court decision stipulates serving the suspended sentence.

«They will continue to be subject to mobilization in the future . A suspended sentence is more about the fact that if a person does the same thing again, then there will already be a real sentence… It depends on how the court decision states how to serve the suspended sentence. I think that when making such a decision, the court is guided by the fact that this is a potential military Armed Forces of Ukraine in the future. And he makes a decision in such a way that he still has the opportunity to serve,” he said.

Tsutskiridze also emphasized that the presence of a pre-trial investigation or even suspicion is not a sufficient basis for refusal from performing military duty. However, he added that what is of decisive importance is what kind of preventive measures are used during the investigation and whether they restrict a person’s freedom of movement.

We recall that it was previously reported who will definitely not be called up during mobilization: an officer from the TCC explained the situation.

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