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Putin will try to end the war in 2024: analyst on the Kremlin’s change of strategy

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This information was reported by Comments, reports URA-Inform.  

Military and political analyst, ATO veteran Yevgeny Diky expressed his opinion on what to expect next from the Russian-Ukrainian war. He believes that Russia has changed its strategy and plans to end the  war in 2024, taking advantage of the lack of assistance to Ukraine from the United States.

«Arrived this black swan Donald Trump, who a year earlier did what Russia could only hope for from him when he became president. And he, not being president, cut off our supplies,” Dikiy said.

He noted that a couple of months ago the Kremlin planned to hold out until 2025, in particular until then , when Donald Trump comes to power in the United States.

According to Diky, the Russian Federation planned to freeze the conflict for this time, but Trump was able to achieve the Kremlin’s goals without even heading the White House.

«Now they are rushing into this window of opportunity. It seems that they are restructuring to at least turn the tide of the war this year. And at most, perhaps even win it this year,” says Dikiy.

We recall that it was previously reported that we have started negotiations – Dubinsky told what signal the United States and the Russian Federation gave each other.

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