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Attempt on Fico: the attacker named his motives

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Writer Juraj Cintula, who attempted to assassinate Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico on Wednesday, May 15, revealed his motives .

This information was reported by Ta3, reports URA-Inform.  

Detainee Juraj Chintula told reporters that he categorically disagrees with the government's policy. This explained the fact that he shot Robert Fico several times.

“ I do not agree with the government's policy… The media are being liquidated. Why is RTVS under attack? Why was Mazak fired? — said the shooter.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Slovakia, Matus Shutai Eshtok, confirmed the information that Fico was operated on.

“The gunman fired five shots and the Prime Minister is in critical condition. He is still in the operating room», — the minister added.

According to him, the shooter’s decision was politically motivated, it was formed shortly after the presidential elections.

We recall that it was previously reported that Zelensky unexpectedly canceled his visit to Spain and Portugal: the media gave the reason.

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