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The mural depicting Zaluzhny will be moved to Kyiv: what is the reason

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At the beginning of May, in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv on Mikhail Kotelnikov Street, 51, the largest mural in Ukraine depicting the former commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces appeared forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny.

This information was reported by artist Evgenia Fullen, URA-Inform reports.  

The project manager, artist Eugenia Fullen, said that the mural will have to be moved.

“Friends, Zaluzhny’s mural is already good! We will place it on the other side of the facade” — she wrote on Facebook.

The artist explained that the mural created by the artist Evgeniy Kucher would be moved due to the fact that many who wanted to be photographed with Zaluzhny’s portrait climbed over the fence.

“We decided this because, first of all, not to injure children, since the influx of people wanting to take pictures is very large , but this is a closed establishment!” — Fullen noted.

The artist also asked those who want to take a photo to stop climbing over the fence, because it will soon be moved to a part of the building with free access.

We recall that it was previously reported that the war is destroying the cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine: intelligence announced the scale of the losses.

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