• 22/04/2024 22:08

Biden wants to make a deal with Republicans on Ukraine: the media found out what it is

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This information was reported by the WSJ, reports URA-Inform.

It is noted that Biden expresses his readiness to strengthen immigration policy as part of an agreement with Republicans in order to provide additional funding for Ukraine.

An agreement is currently being actively discussed in the Senate, aimed at limiting the ability of migrants to request asylum. Despite tougher immigration demands from the Republican Party, the likelihood of a successful completion of the deal is high.

The President's willingness to engage in dialogue with Republicans on immigration issues is seen as a step towards concessions from the White House. The move is aimed not only at unblocking additional aid for Ukraine, but also at preventing criticism from American citizens.

A CBS News poll found that 68% of respondents expressed a negative opinion of the president's immigration policies. The article emphasizes that throughout his political career, Biden rarely dealt with immigration issues, and at the same time maintained a moderate position in those cases when this did happen.

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