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“Bloody rain” is expected in Germany: what is it connected with

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German meteorologist Dominik Jung reported on its «first harbingers».

This information was reported by BILD, URA-Inform reports.  

«bloody rain» expected in Germany due to dust moving towards the country from the Sahara Desert. It is noted that dust from the desert may darken and color the sky over Germany, and also affect the weather, especially on Saturday March 30.

«The first signs are visible already on Thursday evening over Fischbachau (Bavaria). The clouds formed as the rain retreated created a wonderful group of colors in the evening sky at sunset», — the report says.

Meteorologist Dominic Jung said that these are the «first harbingers».

«A stronger flow will reach us on Saturday morning. Strong flows are expected mainly in the west and south of Germany, in the east — only in the afternoon», — Jung said.

The meteorologist explained that the reasons for the red tint are storms over the Sahara Desert in Africa, which raise a lot of dust into the air, and winds blowing from the south to Europe.

< p>If showers are added to the dust from the Sahara, then people call it “blood rain.” Rainfall like this is expected in parts of Germany on Saturday.

«There will be a reddish-brown coating similar to pollen»,» #8212; Jung explained.

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