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What March 2024 will be like: weather forecasters told what will surprise the first month of spring

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Forecasters gave a forecast for the first month of spring — March.

This information was reported by Nv, reports URA-Inform.  

They noted that, despite the fact that spring will gradually come into its own, frosty temperatures and wet snow await us in March.

Temperatures in the first spring month in the daytime throughout most of Ukraine it will be above zero, but at night slight frosts are possible.

«Approximately from the middle of the first ten days of March the temperature will slowly begin to rise air, and at the end of the first ten days we should expect significant growth and it will be warm enough even for March – real spring warmth. And yet in some places there will still be frosts at night», — forecasters said.

And from the middle of the second ten-day period of March, the air temperature will drop again, and precipitation is also predicted.

According to forecasters, at the beginning of the third ten-day period there will be a cold snap with precipitation in in the form of wet snow. Sometimes the air temperature will drop to minus.

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