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Brought a military wife to tears: The painter explained why demobilization is impossible in Ukraine (video)

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Former Deputy Minister of Defense Anna Malyar said that it is not yet possible to demobilize military personnel in Ukraine.

This information was reported by Newsme, URA-Inform reports.  

The incident occurred live on the program «New Countdown» on channel «First».

At the beginning of the conversation, Malyar reminded that our enemy signs up approximately 30 thousand people for contracts every month. In addition, the Russian Federation is much larger than us both in people and in the number of weapons. She also noted that the Russians have significantly increased their payments.

«According to rough estimates for the fall, they will form very powerful forces, several times greater than our capabilities, and there is a risk of opening another front. And for today, so that we just, for this discussion, for its objectivity, understand that there really is a risk of aggravation of the situation», — she said.

The painter is convinced that it would be «very strange» if Ukraine adopted a law on demobilization. However, the official admitted that there has been no rotation of fighters at the front for more than two years, and therefore our soldiers are really exhausted.

In response to this, Sovsun noted that the issue of demobilization is really important. Because it is also a question of justice in society. Then the deputy barely held back tears and spoke about her husband, who went to defend Ukraine in February 2022.

«And when he went, he knew the norm of the Constitution that demobilization was impossible in advance, before the end of martial law? How do you combine this with the Constitution? There is a clear norm», — The painter said in response.

Hearing such words, Sovsun began to cry. The studio guests tried to give the deputy the opportunity to calm down.

«My husband went to defend the country. You, all those who are watching us now. I've been waiting for him for two years. I regularly lie awake at night, just like hundreds of thousands of other women who are waiting for their husbands», — said the woman.

«There are millions of other men who can also fight. It’s not those who left on February 24 who are fighting with us, the whole country is fighting with us. Now, what you are saying, you are shifting responsibility to those who did the most important thing at the most difficult moment in history», — she added.

Sovsun noted that during these two years, her husband almost did not see his children. Therefore, rotation will not save him, the deputy claims.

Recall that it was previously reported that the Rada is in a hurry to pass a bill on fines for evaders: what amounts are we talking about.

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