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By the end of the year, the price of a popular product will double in Ukraine

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Agricultural and food market observer Larisa Guk told what will happen to the prices of the popular product.

This information was reported by Obozrevatel, URA-Inform reports.  

According to her, Ukrainian manufacturers are preparing to increase prices for chocolate, as well as products made from it. Among the reasons, Guk noted the rise in price of raw materials and the blockade of the border by the Poles, because raw materials go through it.

“There is a forecast that in the summer the price for a chocolate bar (and it is now it’s not 100, but, for example, 80 grams) may increase from 35 to 50 hryvnia, and by the end of the year — and all 70 hryvnia”, — the expert noted.

She also reported that last week exchange prices for cocoa beans rose to historical highs, exceeding $10,000 per ton.

Larissa Guk noted that since the beginning of February the price increase has been almost 10%, since the beginning of the year — 50%, and from 2022 — 130%.

“This dynamic will probably continue over time,” summed up the agricultural and food market observer.

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