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Chinese buckwheat: how to recognize it, and what warnings experts call

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Chinese buckwheat: China is the world leader in buckwheat production.

This information was reported by Ukr.media, URA-Inform reports.  

However, they consider it primarily as a feed crop for domestic animals and do not adhere to high quality standards. Experts told us whether there is a difference between the Chinese and Ukrainian products, and whether it is worth buying Chinese buckwheat.

Buckwheat produced in China was found to have a low content of useful substances, or rather, an almost complete absence of them. This makes such buckwheat practically useless for our body.

However, the main problems are associated not only with a lack of nutrients, but also with the presence of dangerous substances such as pesticides. Although the use of pesticides is widespread in the agricultural sector of many countries, China is particularly characterized by its intensive use. This may lead to negative health effects.

Another problem that consumers of Chinese buckwheat face is the likelihood of mold in this cereal. The grain from which buckwheat is produced is a living organism that breathes and releases moisture. This creates favorable conditions for mold development. Considering the long journey that Chinese buckwheat takes through many warehouses, where the necessary storage conditions may not be met, the risk of mold contamination of the product increases.

Experts also told how to distinguish Chinese buckwheat from Ukrainian cereals.< /strong>

In particular, Chinese buckwheat is visually small in size. It has a darker shade due to the specific technology of roasting the cereal. In Ukraine, buckwheat is fried once, in China — twice. Ukrainian cereals have a sharp shape, and Chinese ones — rounded shape of the grains.

The difference in price can vary greatly by 2 or even 3 times. Buckwheat from China will be several times cheaper. There is also another way to distinguish Chinese buckwheat — prepare buckwheat porridge and taste it.

Experts note that when cooked, our buckwheat takes a little longer to cook, but it increases in size better and swells well. Also, Ukrainian buckwheat becomes lighter after cooking, while Chinese buckwheat remains dark. Our buckwheat can be eaten even without butter, but Chinese buckwheat becomes very dry.

And the most important difference — taste. Chinese buckwheat is a little bitter. And even a good piece of butter cannot overcome this taste.

Recall that it was previously reported that it accelerates external aging significantly: a popular product that is dangerous to youth has been named.

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