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The Russian offensive in the Kharkov region has changed: Mashovets warned about what the Kremlin is planning

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In the Kharkov direction, the operation of the Russian occupiers began to slow down. The corresponding statement was made by Ukrainian military analyst Konstantin Mashovets.

URA-Inform reports this, citing Mashovets’ Telegram.

According to him, the pace of advance of the Russian armed forces is decreasing, and losses are increasing . However, he warns that this slowdown may be temporary.

“The enemy's advance on May 13 clearly slowed compared to previous days. This is not surprising, given the active actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including the mobilization of additional forces and resources. Sooner or later the enemy has to stop, albeit temporarily,” — notes Mashovets.

He also expresses doubts about the strategy of the Russian command.

“The idea of ​​“burning” a significant part of the reserves in the border areas, even to capture Volchansk, seems unpromising,” &#8212 ; the analyst emphasizes.

Regarding future events, Mashovets predicts the activation of Russian armed forces in the Kupyansk direction, since an attack on Volchansk could create problems for Ukrainian forces near Kupyansk.

“However, it is not a fact that Russian troops will be able to successfully weaken the Ukrainian Armed Forces,” — adds the analyst.

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