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Should we expect “serious breakthroughs” from the Russian Federation in the Kharkov region: State Department forecast

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Deputy Speaker of the US State Department Vedant Patel, during a briefing on Monday, May 13, noted that Washington expects Russian occupiers over the next weeks they will try to move forward in the Kharkov region.

This information was reported by Eurointegration, reports URA-Inform.  

They predict that the Russian occupiers may achieve some success in this area. However, the Russians will not be able to achieve significant success in the Kharkov region.

“But we do not expect any serious breakthroughs, and over time, an additional influx of American assistance and constant support from partners will allow Ukraine to continue to resist this aggression,” & #8212; noted the Deputy Speaker of the US State Department.

Vedant Patel emphasized that the United States is confident that Kyiv retains a key advantage in this fight, and the Ukrainian military is inflicting significant losses on the occupying army of the Russian Federation.

Recall , it was previously reported that the Russian offensive in the Kharkov region has changed: Mashovets warned about what the Kremlin is planning.

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