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Coffee helps you lose weight: scientists have found out how many cups you should drink per day

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This information was reported by T4, reports URA-Inform.  

Experts have noted that caffeine has a thermogenic effect and speeds up metabolism, helping to burn more calories, which can reduce body mass index and body fat.

Additionally, drinking the drink before food encourages you to eat less. Therefore, coffee is effective in reducing appetite and reducing hunger.

In numbers, this study does not look so impressive: drinking one cup of coffee without sugar every day for 4 years led to a weight loss of 0.12 kilograms. Drinking with cream or milk had no effect on body weight. And adding a teaspoon of sugar increased the readings on the scales by 0.09 kilograms. Moreover, the younger the person, the more noticeable the connection was expressed.

Another study on this topic, published in 2020, also claims that coffee helps with weight loss. But it names other doses — 4 cups. The study was conducted over 24 weeks, during which 126 overweight adults with insulin insensitivity drank four glasses of a placebo drink and the same amount of coffee. As a result, those who drank the real drink experienced slight weight loss.

We recall that it was previously reported that one of the best products for blood vessels: doctors said that it should be added to the diet.

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