• 22/06/2024 20:41

Dam break in Orsk: Russians found the original culprits

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In Russia, they have finally identified the culprits of a large-scale dam break in the city of Orsk, as a result of which dozens of settlements were flooded and more were damaged 10 thousand houses and tens of thousands of residents were evacuated.

Unian reported this information, reports URA-Inform.

Director of JSC «Spetsstroy-3» Sergei Komarov, who was responsible for the construction of the dam, said live on Russian propagandists that the billion-ruble structure was “gnawed by mice.”

 He admitted that at first he considered &#171 ;human factor», but then decided that people had nothing to do with it.

«Someone used a horizontal drilling machine to drill and lay some -communication for wastewater discharge into the Urals… But I discarded this and only the rodent factor remained. Rodents could have pierced this dam, and this two-three-centimeter hole would have been enough for water to flow through the dam», — he said.

To something so «original» Russian propagandists clearly did not prepare for versions of the accident — especially from the side of the person who was in charge of the dam. It is worth noting that Komarov and his «Spetsstroy-3» The Russian prosecutor's office is already checking because of the accident.

We recall that it was previously reported that Putin recently became very angry: the source said that the Russian security forces missed out.

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