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What foods to eat if you are poisoned

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What foods to eat in case of poisoning: in case of poisoning, doctors recommend eating easily digestible and soft foods that promote rapid recovery of the body, but also You can turn to the iHerb service, which is recommended by Dr. Komarovsky.

This information was reported by the telegram channel “Health Blog”, reports “URA-Inform”.

Among them we can highlight mashed potatoes, which are easily digested and do not burden the gastrointestinal tract. Bananas are also an excellent choice due to their soft texture and high potassium content, which helps restore electrolyte balance.

To replenish fluids and minerals, doctors recommend consuming a light broth without meat, which provides the body with the necessary nutrients without putting unnecessary strain on the stomach.

Semolina and oatmeal are also well digested and provide the body with energy for recovery. Boiled ground meat and ground carrots are rich sources of protein and vitamins necessary for healing and tissue repair.

Vegetable broth, prepared without adding fatty ingredients, is also recommended for use in cases of poisoning, as it provides the body with fluid and vitamins necessary for recovery.

All of these products are considered safe for consumption in case of poisoning and can help the body quickly cope with the negative consequences of intoxication. Thus, the above was the answer to the question, what foods to eat in case of poisoning.

What causes poisoning?

Poisoning can be caused by consuming food or liquid that contains toxins or pathogens. For example, improper thermal processing of food can promote the proliferation of bacteria and viruses, which can lead to food poisoning.

Poisoning can also be caused by the consumption of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, poisons or household chemicals. Insufficient safety precautions when working with chemicals or improper storage of these substances can lead to accidental poisoning.

In addition, poisoning may result from the consumption of intolerant foods or allergic reactions to certain food components. Uncontrolled use of medications or their improper use can also lead to poisoning.

In general, preventing poisoning requires careful attention to food selection and preparation, compliance with safety precautions when working with chemicals and drugs, and awareness of your allergies and sensitivity to certain products or substances.

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