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Eurovision organizers punished the Ukrainian team for calling for the release of prisoners (photo)

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The Ukrainian delegation was fined by the organizers of Eurovision 2024 for T-shirts with the Free Azovstal Defenders print, which appeared on the air of the show.

Alyona alyona reported this information on her Instagram page, URA-Inform reports. .  

The representative of Ukraine at Eurovision, alyona alyona, said that appearing in Free Azovstal Defenders T-shirts (“free the defenders of Azovstal”) was a very risky and difficult task. Since the Eurovision organizers prohibited any inscriptions and brands.

“The security checked all the clothes and, if there was an inscription on it, they asked to take it off or covered the inscriptions with black tape,” — she noted.

Alyona alyona admitted that difficulties began at the stage of creating the logo printed on a T-shirt.

“We called several printing houses, some of them did not work, and the other part refused to print. However, we were able to come to an agreement with one printing company after we called them five times and tearfully asked for help. Before entering the hall, our team put on T-shirts under their other T-shirts and sweaters and were able to go with them to the green room,” — wrote the Eurovision participant.

As noted by alyona alyona, the representatives of Ukraine knew that when they showed replays of the performances of all the artists, they would show the delegation itself.

“That’s why when they came up to us camera, our team quickly opened up and showed our call to the whole world. We took a lot of risks, but everything worked out. They just fought back with a financial fine,” — added alyona alyona.

She expressed incredible joy that the Ukrainian team at Eurovision 2024 managed to remind the world about our prisoners of war. It is worth recalling that Ukraine received third place at the current Eurovision. Our singers Alyona Alyona and Jerry Heil received 453 points from the jury and the audience.

Recall that it was previously reported that Netflix staged a provocation in the new series: the network is outraged by the vulgar trick.
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