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Bezuglaya announced that she was going to the front: how they reacted on social networks

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The odious people's deputy Maryana Bezuglaya announced a trip to the front line and in response received a wave of hate on the Internet.

Bezuglaya reported this information on her Facebook page, reports URA-Inform.

In particular, on her Facebook page, she wrote that she was going to the front to get acquainted with the state of the construction of fortifications, the provision of units, to check the “adequacy of decision-making by the military leadership,” the psychological state of military and civilians, the number of refuseniks, and the like.

The People's Deputy warned that because of this she will not publish messages for some time, and will not always be in touch, and also asked the military personnel whom she is going to visit to be frank.

Ukrainians announced the deputy The “inspection” was received with humor and skepticism. In the comments under the message, users expressed doubts whether such a check is within the competence of a people’s deputy, and also whether Bezugla’s “mental state” poses a danger to the military?

She was also advised to take a shovel with her in order to help with the construction of fortifications, not in word but in deed. Other users asked the deputy not to return to the Verkhovna Rada, if possible.

“Steel With an indestructible roller and a powerful barrage of fire, Maryan Bezuglaya goes to destroy the insidious enemy on all fronts, territories and directions without regret and no chance for salvation,” — wrote one of the users.

It is worth noting that some of the comments received several hundred reactions.

Recall that it was previously reported that there was a scandal with the defense of the Kharkov region: Sinegubov is gathering everyone involved in the construction of fortifications.

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