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The first symptoms of blood clots: doctors warned that they should not be ignored

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Doctors reminded that blood clots — These are blood clots that interfere with blood circulation and can put a person’s life in mortal danger.

This information was reported to Ua-novosti. reports URA-Inform.  

It should be noted that these clots primarily serve to protect blood vessels and prevent blood loss from cuts and other injuries. However, errors in this protective mechanism of the human body cannot be ruled out.

Doctors warn that sometimes clots can remain in the vessels for a long time and interfere with blood circulation. They emphasized that, as a rule, the blood clot appears in the legs. If it stops protecting the arteries, it becomes a serious threat that can be fatal.

The main first symptom of blood clots is swelling of the lower extremities. According to doctors, most often blood clots form in the legs, so you need to pay close attention to them.

If the limbs begin to swell, and the skin itches and becomes reddish and even bluish, you need to contact a cardiologist and undergo an examination. If pain and spasms appear in the lower leg area, you should not delay contacting a doctor.

If shortness of breath, dizziness and chest discomfort are added to the listed symptoms, you must call an ambulance team. These signs may indicate that the blood clot has broken off and is heading to vital organs, which can be fatal.

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